EVIS X1 Video Colonoscope

CF-EZ1500D L/I

The CF-EZ1500DL/I video colonoscope offers full focus and high magnification for observational excellence.

Main Features:-

Full Focus and High Magnification for Observational Excellence

EDOF Technology

Our unique Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) technology combines images captured in near view with those taken in far view to generate an image with a wider depth of field that gives you greater clarity and richer detail throughout the image area, assuring superior observation with continuous wide focusing.

Full Focus

Thanks to EDOF technology, the CF-EZ1500DL/I can approach as close as 3 mm to the subject in normal focus mode, providing a clear, sharp view that may reduce the need to adjust the focus in routine use.

High Magnification with the Ease of Dual Focus

The CF-EZ1500DL/I offers high magnification* when the Near Focus mode is engaged via a simple scope switch, supporting better observation of details. The combination of high magnification and wide depth of field allows for clearer, more detailed imaging throughout the field of view, even from a tangential direction and regardless of whether the subject is moving or not. In combination with our proven NBI technology, the CF-EZ1500DL/I’s advanced optics is designed to assist accurate, high-confidence optical diagnosis.

*Maximum magnification of 75x (with OEV262H) and 90x (with OEV321UH)

Other Features

  • Compatible with TXI, RDI and NBI when connected to CV-1500
  • ErgoGrip
  • RIT (Responsive Insertion Technology)
  • ScopeGuide-ready
  • 170° Wide viewing angle
  • WaterJet
  • Waterproof one-touch connector



Optical System Field of view Normal focus mode: 170°
Near focus mode: 160°
Direction of view Forward viewing
Depth of field Normal focus mode: 3-100 mm
Near focus mode: 1.5-5.5 mm
Insertion Section Distal end outer diameter ø 13.2 mm
Distal end enlarged
Insertion tube outer diameter ø 12.8 mm
Working length L: 1680 mm   I: 1330 mm
Instrument Channel Channel inner diameter ø 3.7 mm
Minimum visible distance* 4 mm (Normal focus mode)
Direction from which EndoTherapy accessories enter and exit the endoscopic image
Auxiliary Water Channel Direction from which water jet appears in the endoscopic image
Bending Section Angulation range Up 180° / Down 180°
Right 160° / Left 160°
Total Length L: 2005 mm   I: 1655 mm
Compatible System Video system center OLYMPUS CV-1500

*Distance from the distal end of the endoscope.





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