Axeon Video Colonoscope


Announcing Axeon, an innovative videoscope system designed for front-line medical professionals who require essential endoscopic functionality in an easy-to-use system. Featuring a fully waterproof connector that allows scope exchanges to be performed in one smooth action and LED lighting, Axeon contributes to fast, accurate upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Key Benefits:-

Waterproof, one-touch connector

Fast setup, smooth operation
Screening procedures are vastly simplified thanks to the new videoscope connector, which allows scopes to be connected in one smooth operation. In addition, the waterproof design facilitates cleaning and eliminates the need for a water-resistant cap. This design reduces the risk of scope damage from inadvertent immersion in water or contact with fluids to avoid repair costs.


Remarkable distal-end LED scopes

Reduced downtime less running costs
Axeon features LED lighting, which has a significantly longer operating life than before. These are the first scopes for upper and lower examinations that incorporate this type of lighting. In addition, the LED lamp also reduces downtime spent replacing lamps and decreases overall running costs. Axeon is compatible with GIF-LV1 and CF-LV1L/I videoscopes as well as small-diameter scopes that have a wide 145° field of view and minimum 3 mm depth of field.


Newly developed, light and compact processor

Less maintenance, space-and energy-efficient design
Since Axeon scopes employ LED lighting, the processor has no lamp or fan, resulting in a lighter, more compact design than conventional videoscope systems and a quieter working environment. The new processor also helps reducing electricity consumption and lamp replacement costs.


Camera-head fiberscope and rigid scope

Convenient versatility enhanced capabilities
A wide variety of OLYMPUS fiberscopes and rigid scopes can be connected to the processor via the optional MAJ-1910 camera-head*. This expands examination capabilities and leverages existing fiberscope and rigid scope assets, further enhancing Axeon’s cost effectiveness.
* Requires adapter and separate light source.




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