Endoscopy CAD System OIP-1


ENDO-AID is a dedicated endoscopy CAD system providing a seamless link to Olympus’ EVIS X1 endoscopy system. The system aims to act as a multi-platform unit within a single device, and it will be updated to include additional CAD applications as new programs are developed. As a pioneer in endoscopy technology, Olympus is committed to heightening the quality of examinations, contributing to early disease detection and facilitating more accurate treatment. The first available application is ENDO-AID CADe for the detection of lesions in colonoscopy, which comes preinstalled on the system.

Main Features-

Real-time Detection

Expect Faster, More Accurate Examinations Without Delayed Imaging

CADe Application Automatically Detects Suspicious Lesions

Colon CADe installed on ENDO-AID is an application that uses AI to support faster, more accurate detection of polyps. The application was developed based on the training data used by specialist doctors to enable automatic detection of suspicious lesions under various conditions. The use of CADe is expected to reduce detection failure in examinations and improve the consistency of examination quality regardless of the physician’s experience level or facility environment.

Real-time Display on the Main Monitor

ENDO-AID enables instant display of automatically detected lesions on the main monitor without any lag time.

A Device that Operates in Real-time to Enable Detection During an Examination

This device supports Real-time detection during an examination instead of waiting until after the examination is complete. This may contribute to the early discovery of lesions.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration into EVIS X1 Without Modifying the Workflow

ENDO-AID can be easily integrated with Olympus’ latest endoscopy system EVIS X1. It is also compatible with various existing colonovideoscopes, eliminating changes in workflow and stresses associated with new system introduction.

Control ENDO-AID Using the Scope Switches or CV-1500 Touch Panel

The switches on the scope or the CV-1500 touch panel can be used to turn ENDO-AID on and off or to switch between Normal Mode and Target Mode, allowing the physician to give the examination their full attention.

Smooth Link Between ENDO-AID and CV-1500 Enables Appropriate Display of ENDO-AID Information

ENDO-AID information will be displayed together with CV-1500 information on the monitor without any overlay.

Auto ON/OFF Feature Allows User to Activate/Deactivate ENDO-AID CADe

ENDO-AID CADe has setting values to activate and deactivate the CADe function, which can be selected based on individual preference.

Versatile and Adaptable

Supports Various Applications on a Single Device

Multiple CAD Slots

ENDO-AID is fitted with multiple CAD slots and comes preloaded with the colon CADe application at the time of purchase. Remaining slots can be used to install additional CAD applications as new programs become available. Various CAD applications can be installed together on this single device.



Endoscopy CAD System OIP-1
Compatibility Compatible Processor CV-1500 *1
Compatible Scopes Colonovideoscope (1500/1200/1100/290/190 series)
Size Dimensions W370×H85×D444 / W390×H87×D467 (Maximum)
Weight Approx.10 kg
Power Supply Power Rating Less than 275 VA, 100-240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Connection Memory Front: 1× portable memory
Observation Function Colon CADe
Input / Output In: SDI (1080p/4k) ×1
Out: SDI (1080i/1080p/4k) ×2
Frame Rate 50fps, 59.94fps *2
Recording Device IMH-200, IMH-20, IMH-10
Compatible Observation Mode WLI, TXI
Sub Image On (large/small), Off
Display Mode Normal mode, Target mode
Remote Control “CUSTOM” key on the keyboard, remote switch on the endoscope, remote switch on the foot switch, and custom button on the touch panel of video system center
Classification (Medical Electrical Equipment) Type of Protection against Electric Shock Class I

*2 Frame rate Depends on region




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