Optera Video Gastrointestinal Scope


The GIF-XP170N is the ideal choice when diagnosis using a ultra-slim videogastroscope is required. The ultra-slim design with improved image quality and maneuverability makes transnasal endoscopy more comfortable for patient and physician.

Key Benefits:-

Ultra-slim Design

A marvel of compact design, the 5.4 mm outer diameter of the distal tip improves insertability, resulting in reduced patient discomfort and enhanced operator comfort.

Advanced Image Clarity

Two light guides provide amplifi ed brightness to support accurate depiction of mucosal structures.

Wide View Angle

The field of view has been increased to 140 degrees, now delivering the same field of view as routine upper GI scopes.

Advanced Suction Capability

The larger 2.2 mm instrument channel enables the use of a wide range of endotherapy accessories and increases suction capability.

Waterproof Connector

The newly designed connector is fully submersible and therefore eliminates the need for a water-resistant cap, while minimizing the risk of damage due to accidental immersion.

Optical System Field of view 140°
Direction of view Forward viewing
Depth of field 3-100 mm
Insertion Section Distal end outer diameter 5.4 mm
Distal end enlarged
Insertion tube outer diameter 5.8 mm
Working length 1100 mm
Instrument Channel Channel inner diameter 2.2 mm
Minimum visible distance 2.0 mm from the distal end
Direction from which endotherapy accessories enter and exit the endoscopic image
High-frequency Cauterization treatment Available
Bending Section Angulation range Up 210°
Down 90°
Right 100°
Left 100°
Total Length 1420 mm




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