Sampling & Polypectomy

Grasping Forceps

Due to the range of foreign body types, Olympus offers a full line of retrieval devices for any clinical situation. The models available feature different jaw shapes, sheath designs, opening widths, diameters and working lengths too be specifically applicable for different foreign body types.

Key Benefits:-

Single-use polyp retrieval forceps – PolyGrab

Olympus offers a 2.8 mm single use polyp retrieval forceps which is featuring an opening width of 20 mm and a working length of 2300 mm (model number: FG-600U).

Reusable rat-tooth, alligator-jaw, rotatable grasping forceps – FG-44NR-1

This model is used for ERCP stent removal, features a rat-tooth and alligator-jaws for a firm grip and is rotatable for easy positioning.

Reusable 3 prong grasping forceps – FG-45U-1

This model is reusable and used for polyp and foreign body retrieval, has a plastic coated sheath and is ideal for larger polyps.



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