Sampling & Polypectomy

Hot Biopsy Forceps

Hot biopsy forceps are used to excise small polyps (up to a size of 5 mm) in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract using high frequency current. Olympus provides two different single-use hot biopsy forceps which offer comprehensive features:

  • Double step blade ensures sharp cutting performance to retrieve clean specimens.
  • Optimum sheath flexibility ensures smooth insertion into the endoscope channel and minimized damage to the channel interior.
  • The EndoJaw’s swing jaw mechanism facilitates the positioning of the forceps cups at biopsy sites and allows for tangential approaches.

Key Benefits:-

Single-use 2.8 mm hot biopsy forceps – EndoJaw Hot

The model number FD-230U describes the most popular Olympus single-use hot biopsy forceps featuring a diameter of 2.8 mm, a working length of 2300 mm and an oval cup without needle.

Reusable 2.8 mm hot biopsy forceps – FD-series

Olympus offers five different reusable hot biopsy forceps, which all have to be combined with a handle (model-number MH-264). The most successful reusable hot biopsy forceps by Olympus is the FD-1U-1, it has a diameter of 2.8 mm and a working length of 2300 mm.



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