It is designed for endoscopic aspiration and for non-endoscopy applications. The unique flow change buttons allow a fast vacuum build-up with a single touch. It has a ‘whisper mode’ for quiet operation and ‘turbo mode’ for faster suction. The pump connects to an extensive fluid collection system.

Key Benefits-

High Suction Performance

The KV-6 suction pump has vacuum capabilities of up to -95kPa. There are three pre-set speed settings (40l/min, 50l/min and 60l/min), which enables the operator the flexibility to control the rate of vacuum build-up at a touch of a button.

Cleaning and hygiene

  • Single use collection system allows easy and safe disposal of clinical waste.
  • Touch sensitive buttons are easy to clean.
  • Disposable bacterial and odour filters.


Compatible with existing KV-5 accessories and Olympus workstations.

It is ideal for use either mounted on a procedure trolley or as a stand-alone unit. The variable suction control allows adjustment to meet individual requirements. A high-performance pump and motor combination ensures that the unit is ‘whisper quiet’ in any working environment.

The KV-6 may be adapted to suit individual requirements by the use of optional components, to allow a single-use or reusable suction system. The single-use liners are conveniently supplied with a solidifier for safe and simple use and disposal.

Product Details:-

Compact design for convenient use

The KV-6’s compact and easy-to-use design means that is suitable for use in office space or the operating theatre.

Simple and easy to operate with clearly labelled controls

A clear control panel ensures that the KV-6 suction pump can be used safely and efficiently by all staff.

Trolley mountable for convenience

The KV-6 is ideal for use either mounted on a procedure trolley or as a stand-alone unit for maximal flexibility of use.

Use with 1.5 or 2.5 litre jars and liners

Flexibility to use the KV-6 with either 1.5 or 2.5 litre jars and enables its use in a variety of procedures.

Suction jar mountable on Olympus workstations

Ensuring that the suction jar can be mounted on Olympus workstations allows compatibility with the Olympus range of devices and equipment for the office or operating theatre.

Microbial and Odour filter for safe suction

Microbial and odour filters ensure that the fluids suctioned are non-contaminated for maximal safety.



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