4K UHD LCD Monitor


This 32-inch LCD monitor with Ultra High Definition picture quality brings out the full potential of Olympus endoscopy systems. The 4K upscaling function accommodates existing HD imaging systems.

Main Features-

High Observation Performance
32-inch 16:9 LCD monitor with Ultra High Definition image quality brings out the full potential of the Olympus endoscopy systems. The 4K up-convert function accommodates existing HDTV endoscopy systems.

Versatile 4K/HD Signal Routing
4K/HD video signal can be routed via single cable with 12G-SDI input and output lines. Various input/output terminals are provided to handle conventional HDTV signals.

Convenient and Useful Output
OEV321UH’s CLONE OUT is the function that outputs the HD/4K video signal as displayed including PIP/POP image to the second monitor and recording device.

User-friendly Design
Full-flat display and detachable cable cover provide easier cleaning. The access window on cable cover makes cabling easier.

Multiple Images Display
Picture in Picture (PIP) and Picture out Picture (POP) display images from multi modalities that can offer optimal supports for endoscopic procedures.

Advanced Technologies Ensure High-quality Image Reproduction
RGB-W and neutral colors are automatically adjusted throughout the luminance range to ensure superior color reproduction. Image performance is further enhanced by the Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer (A.I.M.E.) which produces a sharp, vivid images of structures without increasing noise, enhancing texture to support more detailed observation.



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