Flushing Pump


The OFP-2 is a powerful but controllable pump that can irrigate fluid via either the instrument or auxiliary water channels of endoscopes. This allows the washing of gastric and colonic mucosa during procedures, to give improved images. It can also rapidly fill organs with fluid, allowing endoscopic ultrasound.

The OFP-2 is a powerful but controllable irrigation pump that can provide fluid via the instrument channel or the auxiliary water channel of an endoscope. Powerful, controlled flow rates allow the flushing and cleaning of gastric and colonic mucosa, resulting in improved visualisation, diagnosis and therapy during endoscopy. The OFP-2 may also be used to rapidly fill organs with fluid for endoscopic ultrasound procedures. It has a number of built-in safety features, such as the prevention of overpressuring or insufflation, and can be controlled via remote control or a foot pump.

Key Benefits-

Irrigation via the instrument or auxiliary water channel
The OFP-2 can irrigate fluid via the instrument or auxiliary water channels of endoscopes, allowing gastric and colonic mucosa to be washed during procedures.

Powerful and controlled flow rate
A powerful flow allows organic material to be washed away efficiently, but precise microprocessor controls prevent over pressurisation of endoscopes.

Rapid filling of organs allows EUS
The OFP-2 is able to rapidly fill organs with fluid, allowing endoscopic ultrasound procedures to be performed.

Remote control or foot switch operation
The OFP-2 can be controlled via a remote control or a foot switch, allowing the user to choose the method that suits the procedure best.

Product Details:-

Compatible with the instrument channel of endoscopes
Flushing via the instrument channel with a high flow rate allows you to rapidly clear larger amounts of debris in insufficiently prepared patients undergoing colonoscopy, or to rapidly fill organs for efficient EUS, giving you improved images.

Compatible with the auxiliary water channel
Flushing through the auxiliary water channel allows you to accurately clean and flush your visual field without occupying the instrument channel. This allows you a clear view during hemostasis without removing the EndoTherapy instrument.

Sterile consumables
The consumables for the pump are sterile, so you do not need to process them before use. Instrument channel consumables are for single-patient use, and auxiliary channel consumables are for one days’ use, giving you cost-effective confidence.

Standby mode
Automatically selected when the pump head is opened, the standby mode allows you to exchange water channel tubes safely without operating the mains switch.

20-second cut-off timer
This automatically cuts off flow after 20 seconds, giving you the confidence that you cannot accidentally over-fill your patient or insufflate them when the water container is empty.

Reverse pumping
When you stop depressing the footswitch, the pump head runs in reverse a number of times, reducing pressure in the tubes and allowing you to control the flow even more accurately.

User-friendly features
Flat-panel touch buttons and a bright LED display allow you to operate the pump easily in even a darkened room, as well as allowing for efficient cleaning.



Dimensions 200(W) x 173(H) x 385(D) mm
Maximum Flow Rate Instrument channel = 700 > 750 ml/min
Auxiliary water channel = 230 ml/min
Safety Complies with EN/UL/IEC60601-1
Power Requirements Power Supply: 100-240 V ~
Fusing: 2 x T2.5 AH 250 V
Weight 4 kg (with empty water container)
Regulatory CE marked and ETL Listed
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power rating 100 VA


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