Sampling & Polypectomy

Polypectomy Snares

Olympus offers a wide range of snares in various shapes and sizes to suit our customers’ needs and preferences, including softer, thinner wire snares that ensure a sharper cut, as well as firmer wire snares that make it easy to capture lesions.

Key Benefits:-

Single-use olypectomy snare – SnareMaster

The Olympus single-use snare line-up includes standard oval snares, crescent shaped snares, hard wire oval snares and soft wire oval snares. Snares with various loop shapes and wire characteristics are needed for different application areas (e.g. hard snares for flat polyps or thick wires for higher coagulation effect). Overall snare-features are:

  • Integrated ergonomic handle for comfortable immediate use
  • Sensitive handling for better snaring results
  • Less danger of cold cut

Reusable electrosurgical snare

All Olympus reusable snares consist of a snare wire, a snare sheath and a snare handle. One of the most successful models is the SD-5U-1, this snare consists of MAJ-219 (snare sheath), MAJ-218 (snare wire) + MH-264 (snare handle). It features a crescent loop shape, a working-length of 2300mm, a loop-diameter of 22 mm and a wire-diameter of 0,4 mm.



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