• Rapid filling in organ for Endoscopic ultrasound procedure.
  • Auxiliary water jet/ Biopsy channel irrigation to wash the digestive/gastric tract mucosa.
  • Auxiliary water jet irrigation to wash dissection site and to clean the surgical field of vision.
  • Auxiliary water jet irrigation for colonic mucosa.
  • Improved visualization, diagnosis and therapy during endoscopic procedure.


  • Ergonomically designed touch button for convenient use.
  • Easy selection of Water Flow rate.
  • Microcontroller based water irrigation pump.
  • Accurate and precise flow rate delivery.
  • LED display for ensuring the selected flow rate..
  • Provided with inbuilt memory system which resumes from the previous selected flow rate.
  • Foot switch control based start/stop mechanism.
  • Universal compatibility.
  • Inbuilt safety Alarm.
  • Provided with automatic cut off timer of 20 seconds.
  • Provided with complete removal of tube assembly feature through pump head.
  • Compact and light in weight.
  • Provided with overpressure Sensor.


Operating Environmental Specifications
Temperature Range 5 C to 40 C
Humidity Range 25% to 85%
Product Specifications
Input Voltage 100 V to 240V ±10%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Water Flow Range 100 ml/min to 1000 ml/min
Current Capacity 0.2A to 2.0A
Flow Indicator LED Display
Water Bottle Autoclavable
Length 245 mm
Width 290 mm
Height 160 mm
Weight Approx. 1.9 Kg without Water bottle


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